Gun TV

By Alexander Dimitri, Editor The Hypercapitalist

A new national TV home shopping network called GunTV is debuting this coming January. This is cause some to be “up in arms” (no pun intented, really) about the whole issue of gun sales. Now, lets be clear: the guns aren’t shipped to your house with simply a credit card number. You still have to have a background check and pick up the item from a select and authorized dealer.

Now the Rules of Acquisition teach us that there are many paths to profit. It never ceases to amaze me when it comes to people finding new ways to make money. Thats what makes this country great. If someone wants to create a legal way to buy guns as a dedicated TV network, I say, Why not?

Of course anti-gun advocates argue that this is another way for bad people to get guns. The problem with that arguement is that bad people will find guns no matter what. No matter what laws are in place. No matter how many restrictions there are on sales.

Yes, guns can be dangerous but restricting the rights of responsible gun owners is like tightening restrictions on the sale of all cars because a few decide to drive drunk and kill someone. Not all drivers are drunk drivers. Just as not all gun owners are terrorists and mass killers.

The debate can go on and on. Some will say we don’t need guns because no one is ever going to come in and try to take us over. Thats a dangerous mindset. I’ve learned to never say never. Things may be unlikely but never say never.

So after all that, I’m going to have to support this new TV network. It’ll be interesting to see if it works. Supposedly the channel will offer more than guns. Things such as accessories and radios.

Only time will tell….

Recovery, Reflection & Return

By Alexander Dimitri

Editor, The Hypercapitalist

A lot has happened to me in the last couple of years which led to my absence from this blog for about 6 months. Please don’t take this as an excuse for not writing but rather an explanation. I really want to return to this blog because it is important to me and maybe even perhaps important to you. I realized, now that I am feeling better, that there is so much material to write about now. I mean, seriously, Donald Trump  (of all people) is one of the leaders in the latest presidential race. Who would have thought?

I have yet to decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing. That is my honest answer. Part of me believes that he might be good for this economy. Being a businessman and all might be just what this country needs. The other side of me however is cringing at some of things coming out of his mouth. Mr. Trump tends to shoot from the hip during speeches and interviews. That is not always a good quality to have in a CEO, let alone being elected to the most powerful job in the free world.

Maybe he could get things done… maybe, just maybe….

Like Jack Donaghy once said: The only way to truly change the world is a room full of rich people.

I’m pretty sure The Donald could arrange that.

What he will change it to is the real question.

More to come…..