The 148th Rule of Acquisition: Opportunity waits for no one.

If there is is one thing I have learned during the last few months is that life is short and it could be stopped anytime. I used to have big dreams (well, still do) and never act on them. It was always “someday I would like to ________ (insert dream here) and then push it off til some distant point in the future.

Not anymore.

The 148th Rule of Acquisition states that “Opportunity Waits for No one”. This is a good rule because it can be applied to the rest of your life as well as business. Already I have encountered a lot of “woulda, shoulda, coulda’s” from others as well as myself. My parents of course being the biggest culprits. My mothers passing earlier this year lit a fire under me to pursue things I always dreamed of. One good example was making model roads for display and maybe occasionally playing with my matchbox cars when no one is looking. I had always considered it then one day a few months ago I had the opportunity to make one for a class presentation. Now I do it for fun and for other people. I take pride in getting the lines of the road just right. Paying attention to detail and abiding by the Uniform Traffic Code to scale.

Seeing a simple dream like that come true after sitting in my head festering for many years has a calming, stress-relieving affect.

When I see the opportunity to do something, I try not to hesitate now. I don’t talk myself out of it (unless it costs way to much). I have had to many instances where I could have done something and I didn’t. This is where regret comes in.

I’m sure not every dream will come true but I will do my best.

Hopefully this post makes sense and is not a bunch of rambling…..

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