CEOs: Shut your mouth and leave your politics at home!

By The Hypercapitalist


To those CEOs who let their political and religious views interfere with their businesses( i.e. Chick-Fil-A and Barilla), here’s some advice: Shut your mouths!

Didn’t you learn anything in business school?? Money is more important than anything so shut up and do your job!

All you do is alienate potential customers and money is what makes your company survive. If I invest in your company, I don’t care what your opinion is on gay marriage. I don’t care who your political candidate is. Make me money! You don’t like gay marriage? Keep it out of the office. Judging other peoples lifestyles is not your job. Your job is to make money! Plain and simple.

In the case of Chick-fil-A a couple of years ago coming to Chicago, the CEO stood by his stance of not liking gay marriage. His own employees were telling Chicago not to listen to him. They saw the value of being in that market. Chicago did not want to support a company that didn’t support gay marriage. Now if the CEO would just keep his opinions and so-called religious views to himself, he would already be high on the hog in Chicago. His own company has repeatedly come out to say that they do not share or want to represent his views.

Mr. Cathy! Keep your mouth shut and make money!

In the case of Barilla: Mr. Barilla, keep your mouth shut and make money!Image


3 thoughts on “CEOs: Shut your mouth and leave your politics at home!

    • Yeah apparently. But they are still putting religion above money as far as the company is involved. Think of the billions they are losing every year by being closed on Sundays. My advice would be to stay open everyday and then personally donate whatever money they want to their religious groups. Think of the employees who aren’t making money to feed their families by not working Sundays. Religious-fanatic-billionaire-logic.

      • This is how I feel about Hobby Lobby. Sunday is the day where I have the most down time for redecorating or crafting. I probably save hundreds of dollars a year simply because the hobby store is closed on Sunday.

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