August Photo Challenge


It seems forever since last months post! I’m still struggling to get out with my SLR, but I think in the approaching winter I’ll be more inspired to get out there.

So here’s August, if you’re a fellow fms challenger, find me on instagram @lhounslea 🙂

Day 1: something beginning with N (above)

Notes. My parents’ currency for South Africa. I love the colours and themes on these notes. If anything shouts ‘south africa’, it’s these.

Day 2: incomplete

My bedroom is still a work in progress and I found this in an old sketchbook while sorting through boxes

Day 3: skyline

My favourite type of skyline

Day 4: fresh

Fresh droplets on the line

Day 5: early

7am. Need coffee. Drop and split open a full 4 pint bottle of milk. Damn

Day 6: this means a lot to me

As i’m sure you know/can tell, i’m a major…

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