Corporate America: Apparently Big Equals Evil.

By David Docekal, The Hypercapitalist


starbucks-concept-storePhoto: Business Insider

I resent it when people refer to big companies as evil empires. God forbid you be successful! If you are an independent coffee shop (aka “a little guy”) for example and you are extremely successful. You are successful to the point that you could open another location. and another. and another. Where is the point where you become the evil empire?? Because YOU WILL whether you like it or not. Because big equals evil in America. Starbucks is called “Big Bucks” and if you aren’t making big bucks like they are, well then you are the underdog and that entitles you to shoot your mouth off about how evil Starbucks is.

How many times have we seen McDonald’s and Walmart do charitable work? A lot! Why? because they started as family-owned small businesses and that’s what they have done from the beginning. Its not because they are evil and trying to save face in the eyes of the public. I’m sure some are but not these examples.

The “Duffin” (as its called) is a combination of a donut and a muffin. Starbucks is trying to trademark the name and that has some smaller businesses up in arms about it because they also make Duffins. The video I have attached portrays Starbucks as the evil empire. Even presenting the Starbucks logo as the emperor from Star Wars. Now I agree that Starbucks is in the wrong on this particular issue but come on liberal media!

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