Government Spending… Or rather, Overspending.

By David Docekal, Editor, The Hypercapitalist.



What is my biggest problem with this administration? Spending.

Overall I see the value in what the Obama Administration has to say. In fact, on many issues I am aligned with their ideology. My issue however is with the money being used to close memorials to bar vets from entering. This was an obvious game for publicity. It probably cost the government more to shut some things down than to simply allow them to operate. That bothers me. Money should never be a pawn in an argument especially when it is wasted. Granted, the staff used can save their money or spend it to help the economy but that is still short-sighted.

Why won’t universal healthcare work like other countries? We can’t afford it.

Why can’t we constantly provide aid to other countries while our own citizens need assistance? We can’t afford it.

Why can’t the government help every single individual affected by a disaster all the time? We can’t afford it!

Now I look at it this way: People want a brand new iPad every year and not live with their parents. The problem? They can’t afford them!! Sometimes we can’t afford the things we want and the solution does not come from floating on an island of credit.

Hmmmm… I just recklessly maxed out my credit card and spent all my money on a fancy new car I didn’t need and now I can’t afford to go to the doctor…. Maybe I’ll call the credit company to raise MY debt ceiling!!! God bless America!

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