Another Chapter Closing: Goodbye 2014!

Goodbye 2014. You sucked.

Not sure about you but I’m glad it’s over. What a hell of year. Perhaps it is just an arbitrary number. Just a page on a calendar. Just a datebook being replaced by another blank datebook. However you think about what a “year” is, 2014 was difficult to say the least.

Some of you may think of a year as just a number but I think about it differently as I’m sure most people do. For me, New Years Eve is a line in the sand. The end of a chapter in a book. The season finale in the TV series called my life (The ratings for that series have been sharply lower this season). Tomorrow starts a new season. With new adventures and new guest actors. Hell there might even be a “Special Guest Star” from a previous season long ago to stop by the set. Who knows what the thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters in my head will come up with next.

As the sands of time tick by, we as humans like to quantify time in terms of arbitrary numbers and life events. I don’t fight that at all. I would like to package up the pain and events of 2014, put them in an imaginary box in my closet and forget about them for awhile. I’m starting a new box and marking it 2015. Perhaps this box will be filled with happier memories. The possibilities are endless.

Honestly, I think the root of celebrating a new year is the thought of a clean slate. A chance to begin again with life in general. Your mistakes of the past are not washed away but they are set aside, boxed up and no longer dragged along with you through this new year. You can reference them at anytime in order to learn from them and not repeat them but they no longer define you.

That’s what its about for me.

So this TV show of my life playing in my head is starting again with the 2015 season premiere tomorrow….. Lets just pray the show isn’t cancelled before I finish my story arc….

Happy New Year Everyone!

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