New Governor for Illinois

Today marks the day for change in the State of Illinois. In just moments, a new governor will be taking the helm in the financially troubled state. Bruce Rauner will become the 42nd in a previously troubled position.

What would we need to see from the new Governor? Specifics. So far Mr. Rauner has been vague on his plans to change the budget and turn the tides of financial woes. It is easy to promise change to rally the troops but real change comes from hard work. Is he up to the task? Only time will tell.

My concern will be that this will be another empty victory. What I’m hearing on the news regarding his political appointments, however, is that Mr. Rauner is actually choosing people that are good for the jobs rather than a result of political favors. How un-Illinois like.

Perhaps this is a new dawn. Perhaps we are on the brink of being a financial power once again in this great country.

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