Monetizing Halloween: Charging Kids for Candy


By David Docekal, The Hypercapitalist



Charging Kids for Halloween Candy? I’ve thought about it…

What if I handed out a bag of candy and sold it piece-by-piece for 50 cents each? Parents: make sure those kids have spending money…..

What inspired me to write this post was a meme on Facebook showing a picture of a small vending machine in front of a house for kids to get candy during Trick-or-Treating. This would be an interesting experiment but I wouldn’t expect anything to come from it.

Here’s why it wouldn’t work: If you figure 90% of the houses on your block are also handing out candy, then that would drive the prices down (assuming they charged at all like you). You would wind up giving it away anyway. Too much competition on Halloween but when it’s not Halloween, there is no demand. Plus, I refuse to be that creepy guy selling candy to kids out of my house in March. I don’t see it happening.

Long story, short: Candy is free at this house when Halloween comes. Until further notice: The holiday will remain free.

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Fringe and Harvesting the Alternate Universes Resources…. Thats how we roll in this universe.

By David Docekal, Editor The Hypercapitalist



I’ve been watching the TV show Fringe and catching up on all the episodes I haven’t seen. It is really not a bad show. In fact, the science behind some of the fiction is based on actual theories in the science community. Of course some of it seems a little “out there” but remember, it is TV.

When the main characters begin traveling to the alternate universe, I started thinking about how an alternate Earth could be used to our advantage. There are plenty of resources over there that we could use. Why not setup a doorway in the ocean for ships to travel back & forth to bring useful matter from the other side?

From what I’ve seen of the show, the Earth in the alternate reality is pretty much like ours. There is plenty of oil, coal and other elements just waiting to be harvested. The inhabitants of the other Earth shall be duly compensated for their labor in helping us prepare the resources for shipment. It probably would not be substantial compensation as traveling to another dimension would expectedly hurt profit margins.

Now bringing all of these resources to our side would cause some distress to our friendly neighborhood physicist. This is because universes have a way of balancing each other out. This is called the equal-mass rule. Mass traveling to our side would have to made up some how on the other.

I propose a Hypercapitalist solution to this: Send them our trash.

Old appliances, junked out cars, food wrappers. Anything. It would be a very specialized job for someone to calculate the amount of valuable resources and compensate with trash.

Where would they put this trash?

The people of the other earth have much more advanced technology…. they’ll figure out what to do with it.

All things being equal: Lets send ’em our junk!


My Reasons Why I Wish Jack Donaghy Was a Real Person

-He can help your company’s profits with the positive synergy of revenue stream dynamics.

-He can teach you to love your mother unconditionally through the powers of Stockholm Syndrome

-Jack knows the only way to truly change the world is a room full of rich people.

-He can set aside how idiotic a plan was and teach you to imagine a world where it worked!

-He could build GE into the greatest company on Earth. And bring Earth into the top three planets in the universe!

– He can reduce your company’s healthcare costs by putting his patented formula in the coffee to keep the women from getting pregnant.

-He could give seminars on how the path to success is through focused, high-level paranoid thinking. Like Hitler…. or Willy Wonka.

-He’s a white male with hair…..The sky is the limit!

-He created the tri-fection oven. Need I say more? Come on Quadrafection…..

-If you’re lucky enough he will invite you to a weekend filled with gazing out windows while holding a glass of scotch.

-(on GE) He could bring “good things to life”. And bad things to Chinese Rivers.

-He’s been a GE man for 30 years….. and a GE woman for one week of corporate espionage on Revlon.

and my #1 reason….

-Need to exactly replicate your office in another location? He knows a guy…..